Welcome to the Deepwater District : A Model Railroad Dedicated to the Former Employees of the Virginian Railway

The Deepwater District is the western-most portion of the Virginian Railway’s New River Division in the heart of coal country – southern West Virginia. This area’s rich “smokeless” bituminous coal is extracted from the District’s numerous on-line and branch-line mines, primarily for trans-loading onto ships at Sewell’s Point, VA. Freight trains simultaneously transport thousands of tons over this strategically located east to mid-west bridge route. In addition, passenger trains still wind their way through the rugged but beautiful and awe-inspiring West Virginia mountains in the summer of 1959. Steam, diesel and electric locomotives provide the power for this Class I transportation system. The Virginian’s extraordinarily low Operating Ratio is mostly due to the crews and workers who have maintained a high level of camaraderie throughout the Virginian’s history. They are good people with a good company. Enjoy your visit.